Fiber Cement Siding Installation​

Fiber Cement Siding Service ​in Baltimore, MD​

Also called “Hardie Board” or “Hardie Plank”, Fiber Cement Siding is a durable, long-lasting cladding option for every home. Many of our residential clients love this type of siding because it is low-maintenance. 

We also love the semi-rigid material which is ideal for those seeking sturdy protection without compromising aesthetics. So, if you are thinking about replacing your siding, you should try the fiber cement. Our professional siding installers will give you the best advice and walk you through the requirements for fiber cement siding.

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Reasons to Choose Fiber Cement Sidings​

Fiber cement is made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. Its composition makes it apparently sturdy and strong. Hence, it is also very popular across the United States. The only advantage of this type is that it takes more time to install but when done right, you will get the most beautiful exterior that will last for years.


Fiber Cement Siding Advantage

One of our most favourite qualities of fiber cement board is that it is extremely durable. In contrast with wood siding, fiber boards are not affected from rot and corrosion. The fact that they’re fireproof and insect resistant is a huge bonus. If you want a sturdy home with great protection from all factors, even including natural disasters, fiber cement siding is a go-to option. A siding made from fiber boards can last up to 50 years. While it costs more than other types of sidings, you can save on years of having to replace your sidings.  The following are the benefits of using a fiber cement siding.

  • Resistance to fire
  • Protection from moisture
  • Protection from pests and termites
  • Resistance to harsh weather conditions
  • Maximum quality and durability
  • Cost-effective
  • Various attractive texture and color options
  • A great alternative to cedar siding

​Best Installer for Fiber Cement Siding​

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