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If you’re wondering how to install sidings for your home or business, we can help you from pre-installation to the post-installation process. Stop worrying about the process yourself. 

We are here to take the complexities of home siding installation from your hand and do it the right way for you. Here’s what Baltimore siding contractors will bring you. 

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New Sidings Material​

​We have various siding categories to choose from including vinyl, plastic to metal sidings. First, you can choose the type of siding that you want for your home. Depending on your location and type of home, we can also recommend the best choice for you. 

Then we deliver the materials to your home. The day that your projects start the siding project you have chosen will also be dropped off at your doorsteps. In case you have old siding materials, we will also take care of the removal and collection. For example, you don’t have to worry about how to remove vinyl siding from the bottom up. Our siding installers will take care of it for you.



How Sidings Are Installed​

Careful Removal of Old Siding

We will carefully lay out tarps and build provisional protective structures over fragile plants and flower beds. We ensure that your property is protected as we remove your old sidings. We will also protect your driveway from any potential damage from our collection truck.

Wall Sheathing Inspection         

Once all the old siding is torn off, we will carefully inspect your wall sheathing. We need to know whether there are signs of rot or improper installation and make the necessary repairs needed for your home. 

Vapor Barrier Installation 

After making sure that your wall sheathing is up to our standards, we will begin installing the vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is a plastic or foil material that provides damp proofing. It can resist the diffusion of moisture through the wall, floor, or ceiling. This way, no moisture can enter your home. It is important to get rid of moisture because it can affect the air quality of your home and build up corrosion.  

New Siding Installation

Once everything is according to place, we will start installing the siding panels and trim. During this process, we will use top-notch sealants for maximum weatherproofing and durability. Rain or shine, your house materials are protected from damage.

We clean up your property

Once all the work is completed, we will start the final cleanup. We will inspect your home exterior thoroughly and ensure that the sidings are installed properly. We don’t just perform the visual inspection; we will remove debris and perform magnetic sweeps to pick up stray nails.

Final Inspection

As we have said, we want to ensure that we only provide the best quality service. After completing the entire project,  Baltimore Sidingwill carefully inspect the whole project, making sure that it is error-proof. We have very strict standards for replacing old siding and installing a new one, and we want that you only enjoy the results of seamless service.

​Best Installer for Fiber Cement Siding​

Being one of the most popular siding installers in Baltimore, we have prepared a wide variety of options for you. Browse through our categories and choose something that you definitely like for your home, whether you are renovating or building your first new home.

So, can siding be repaired? When you trust your siding needs from us, you get the top-notched services we know you deserve. Ready to become one of our satisfied customers? Schedule a free estimate today. Or better yet, and let’s get the next project started!